COVID-19 and the resumption of home visits

Published 22 June 2020.

In accordance with my insurance company guidelines I will shortly be able to resume home visits.

In order to undertake these I will be following these steps to ensure the safety of my clients and myself.
  • When you get in touch to book a consultation we will speak on the phone to determine whether an online or home visit will be more suitable to meet your needs. (Online consultations have proved to be very effective during the Covid crisis and I will continue to offer them as part of my practise. They are a more economical way for you to receive breastfeeding support as I do not have to factor in travel times to my pricing.)
  • If we decide a home visit is appropriate, I will ask you to confirm that no one in your house is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 mainly fever, new, persistent cough or loss of taste/smell. I will also ask you to confirm you’ve had no contact with anyone else symptomatic. I will of course inform you if anyone in my household is ill as this will mean I am unable to visit you at home.
  • I will arrive at your home with the appropriate PPE and will try to keep the visit as low contact as possible. However for certain clinical assessments like a tongue tie assessment I will use appropriate PPE, most of which is single use and disposable, to ensure we are all kept safe.
  • I will reduce the number of home visits I undertake each day to further reduce the small risk of cross infection. Where possible I will change my clothes between visits too.
  • I will thoroughly clean any and all equipment used at each visit.
If you’d like any more information about any of the above, or to get in touch to book a consultation please do contact me on 07732 090102 or