How can I help?

How can I help?


Hello there!

A few of the reasons you may like to make contact with me…

*Seeking information while you’re pregnant about how to breastfeed, how does it ‘work’? And how can you get it off to a good start when your baby arrives?

*Maybe you have had breast surgery or injuries, or have medical conditions which mean you are wondering if breastfeeding will be affected

*You’re adopting a baby and would like to induce lactation

*Your baby has arrived and breastfeeding HURTS. Your nipples might be sore and you can’t see how to make breastfeeding work. This wasn’t what you expected.

*You need reassurance all is going well for your baby and you, or you have questions about breastfeeding

*Your baby is not gaining weight

*Someone has mentioned your baby has a tongue tie and you’re not sure what to do next

*You need to supplement and are wondering how to do this while supporting breastfeeding

*You stopped breastfeeding before you really wanted to, and would like to bring back your milk supply

*You’d like to hire a breastpump

*Sleep issues

*Unsettled baby


*Starting solids and how this works alongside continuing to breastfeed

*Returning to work, expressing and storing milk and how to continue breastfeeding

*You’re expecting another baby and would like to talk about your experiences last time

and many, many more…..


Whatever has brought you here today, I really hope we can work together!

Hannah Croft 07732 090102