Why Hannah?

Why Hannah?





“We first met Hannah when I was 8 months pregnant at her ‘Preparing to Breastfeed’ workshop. Hannah gave us the knowledge we needed to help us get breastfeeding off to a good start.My baby boy was three days old when I contacted Hannah for a home visit. She was so calm throughout her visit and always asked for permission if she needed to re-position my baby boy. She showed me different breastfeeding positions and always kindly checked with ‘How does it feel?’ with her warm smile.Hannah followed up with an email the following day and a year on, I still message her with questions about breastfeeding!Hannah is the person that helped me exclusively breastfeed my baby boy. Thank you, Hannah”

“With all of the Covid-19 restrictions and closures of the normal support services that you could usually access with a newborn I was so thankful to be able to book a home visit with Hannah. Being at home in my usual surroundings meant that Hannah could see how I would normally feed ie what chairs I sit in/what cushions I’m using etc and make suggestions on how we could make changes to improve baby’s latch. My baby had a tongue tie corrected at 6 weeks so it was also reassuring that Hannah was able to check this to make sure everything was healing and hadn’t reattached. I certainly feel more confident and more positive after our meeting, thank you Hannah!”

“Hannah saw me today after one days notice that I was struggling with breastfeeding my newborn. She was super helpful and so very understanding, every question I had she answered and completely reassured me that I was doing everything right and praised my perseverance. She observed me feeding, offered me advice and guided me to make improvements. When she left I felt so more empowered and proud of myself and my baby’s efforts. Cannot thank Hannah enough!”

“Hannah is so lovely and helpful. She is really easy to talk to and puts you completely at ease. She has been really helpful, even via video consultation!”

“As a new mum you are given so much advice on feeding from so many different people and they all share their view on how it should be done, you are genuinely left feeling lost, guilty and that you are failing as breast feeding struggles are not spoken about enough.
Hannah is so supportive and gives you personalised support that is right for you and your baby. The advice also fits into your family life, she does this in a non judgemental way.
She has so much knowledge and allows you to build confidence without feeling bad or judged. After conversations with Hannah, you will feel empowered, confident, informed and encouraged.

Thank you, you really do more than your jobs worth and it shows that you really care !”

“It’s literally thanks to hannah we’re still breast feeding, i seeked lots of support before hannah but now would go no where else for help. Everyone else judged and compared to hannah had a lack of knowledge”


“Hannah has been so supportive & helpful with my feeding issues. I messaged her the day after delivery of my fourth baby as we were struggling with pain & latch & she came to my house to help us with positioning & encouraged me greatly. I felt a lot more confident after seeing her. She gave clear guidance & has continued to support us & point me to information relating to our struggles. I think I’d feel a lot more stressed about the difficulties we’ve been having without her encouragement. Love her!”

“Hannah is amazing! She is very supportive and understands your needs and tailors them to suit you personally. Will definitely tell any ladies I know about her she is so helpful! Thank you Hannah x”

“Hannah is so lovely – I highly recommend her. Hannah made me feel at ease and comfort when she visited to help me with a poor latch… she spent a long time helping me with different positions and has followed up with tips for blebs and positioning for high palette feeding. Hannah discovered my son had a posterior tongue tie and made the referral to the hospital, following the revision and her tips our feeding journey is infinitely better. Hannah is genuine in her want to help people.”

“Hannah was recommended to us by a close friend when I was having breastfeeding struggles, when my baby girl was a few weeks old. We asked Hannah to come for a home visit as the prospect of leaving the house seemed too overwhelming at the time. It was an emotionally challenging time and I am so grateful to Hannah for all the support and guidance she offered at such a critical time. I was instantly put at ease by Hannah’s presence as she kindly offered the time and space to really listen to what was happening. Her empathetic approach allowed me to relax and I quickly felt reasurred. Hannah’s wisdom and compassion enabled me to really understand and see what was happening and why I was in so much pain with feeding. She gave me the confidence I needed at exactly the time I needed it the most. A full assessment was given which was also provided in written form and a quick referral was made also. Hannah continued to be a great source of support even after her visit as she would regularly check in with me by text and see how things were going, offering guidance and sharing helpful articles. I was also made aware of the support groups available locally which have been so useful. Having someone as compassionate and knowledgeable as Hannah walk with you through those early weeks is invaluable and I could not recommended her highly enough for anyone experiencing breastfeeding difficulties.

Hannah clearly cares deeply about helping women with their breastfeeding journeys and I can not thank her enough for the support and guidance she provided us. Without her help I very much doubt we would be where we are today. My baby girl is now 6 weeks old and I’m so proud that we now have breastfeeding established and are able to enjoy our feeding relationship when I never imagined it would be possible!”

“Hannah is amazing, she was so helpful to me and my husband when we were trying to breastfeed our daughter. She was always available on the phone to guide us and give us words of encouragement. I’m not sure I would have continued to breastfeed without her support.”

“We’ve had breastfeeding advice from many different sources, but Hannah’s expertise has been invaluable to us. Hannah has been very flexible with her visits which are very helpful when you’re dealing with new babies. Would highly recommend.”